Press abstracts
(...) Jean-Pierre Vaufrey is a talented science fiction creator and a « fan »; his atelier looks like a spaceship navigating between Futuropolis and the psychedelic era. He insufflates a new life to inert objects, they receive a second « vocation », they can also be modificated, because, for their creator, nothing seems to be definitively achieved ...
(Courrier de Neuchâtel / 20.1.1993 - Opening of the Bikini Test Bar)

(...) We consider that Jean-Pierre Vaufrey is one of the best artists in the scope of science fiction and our land can be proud of this. We can attest that the visitors of our museum are always very impressed and appreciate the estheticism of his creations...
(Attestation of the Maison d’Ailleurs, Musée de la Science-Fiction)

(...) I noticed the works of Jean-Pierre Vaufrey at the Science Fiction Convention 1995 and I invited him to collaborate with me for my project « The Garden Ghost Train », created in my garden. We collaborated during 4 monthes and I am very satisfied with his creations. (...) I hope that this talented artist will receive the support he merits, in order to carry on his creative work!
(Attestation of H.R. Giger, Zurich)

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